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Include donation form.


Can do one of two ways:


Option 1: General donation form. Can itemise some things e.g. $20 will feed a family of four for 1 week, $50 will see a young person complete a School mentorship program, $100 will a Blitz Day starter pack including essential materials to renovate schools. (with this option, can do a drop down menu from donations called 'projects' and we can show a figure required for each and update regularly to update where we're at).


Option 2: Give people the option to pick a program to donate into (very very draft version shown below)


School Mentorship Program

Blitz Day

Renovate a school

School Hamper


General Donation

We'll put your donation where it's needed most.

All donations to iSEE CARE are tax deductable. Thank you for your generosity!